Sustainability Rentals Inc. are leaders in the customized Corporate Apartment rental business Vancouver. In our company's client list includes some of the world's largest companies. We have secured furnished housing servicing contracts from the global banking giant, and large consulting services companies. Our tailor-made services focus on delivering valued services & helping our clients realize significant cost-savings.

Not only is our company achieving success economically but socially and environmentally as well. Examples of our social involvement and minimizing impact on the environment include the following:

We have incorporated into our business model a recycling strategy to protect our environment. We also employ strict guidelines when selecting our suppliers. One of these is to make sure our suppliers also have recycling strategies incorporated into their business models.

Our guests come from all over the world, including some from countries where recycling programs don't exist. We educate ours guests in our suites to make them aware of the recycling programs available locally. We hope that they will take our philisophy of protecting our shared environment back with them to their home countries and spread enviromental conservation to others so our future generations can all benefit from what we enjoy today.

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